Autism Spectrum Disorder – Celebrating 6 unique qualities

Every April, we recognize National Autism Awareness Month, which focuses on spreading awareness, improving understanding and promoting acceptance of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Most of us are aware of the challenges families impacted by ASD may face throughout their lives. Research studies, media reports, social media and events help us keep up to date. But do we really think about the many amazing positive qualities people with ASD possess?

Traits that make people with Autism Spectrum Disorder awesome people, friends and coworkers

  • Creative—People on the spectrum look at the world differently and process information in a unique way, making them independent and creative thinkers who can visualize solutions to problems that others may not see.
  • Detail-oriented—People on the spectrum are highly attuned to detail. Little things that most of us might overlook, such as spelling or punctuation, stand out to individuals on the spectrum. They take note of specific details such as colors and names and remember directions.
  • Honest—Many people with ASD are often black-and-white thinkers, so it makes no sense to them to lie. They are not afraid to tell us what they really think, but they tell the truth quite openly and accurately reflect their feelings, whether positive or negative.
  • Non-judgmental—Because of their black-and-white thinking, people with ASD rarely compare others to any set of standards or expectations. Therefore, they are more likely to accept differences, see us as we are and not expect us to change.
  • Passionate—Many people with ASD have a wide range of interests and are extremely impassioned about the things, ideas and people in their lives. They pursue interests with 100% of their energy and research obsessively until they have a deep understanding of the subject. They spend the time, energy and imagination needed to really master their interests and stick with things through difficulties and frustration.
  • Reliable—People with ASD appreciate routines. Once a routine or rule is set, you can rely on them to follow it precisely. If it is on the calendar, you can be sure they will be there and arrive on time.

Keeping an eye on the positive characteristics of people with ASD is key to promoting wider acceptance. Help your family, friends and others learn why they are amazing and special by sharing this blog post.

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