Specialty drug costs are skyrocketing and are projected to represent half of total drug costs within the next two years, approximately 50 percent of which will occur on the medical benefit. Without an understanding of the unique dynamics around specialty drug management, payers run the risk of overlooking or misunderstanding this critical area of pharmacy spend.

 This August marks the 13th annual Magellan Rx Management Specialty Summit, again taking place in New York City. For two days, industry leaders from across the pharmacy landscape, including payers, doctors, health plans, consultants, and others will meet to discuss cutting edge topics across specialty pharmacy management, and share best practices and techniques to help improve care while lowering cost.

From its beginnings 13 years ago, this conference has exploded in terms of attendance and the caliber of our programming. This year, we’re expecting over 500 attendees, with numerous opportunities to network and meet with our peers, as well as compelling programming and dialogue around the most pressing topics in our industry. I’m particularly looking forward to the presentations and panels about biosimilars, the future of oncology, trends in medical pharmacy and site of service.

 The summit will be open to representatives from health plans, states, third-party administrators, oncologists and practice managers, consultants, brokers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Please register by August 26, and make sure to follow Magellan Rx Management on Twitter (@magellanrx) for updates and insights from the conference.