The past decade has seen some remarkable changes in technology, which has ushered in an era where we are always “on,” always connected and where most everything that was analog now is digital. Many of us walk around with powerful computers in our pockets –also known as smartphones–that are more powerful than the computers that help put a man on the moon only a few decades ago. Today, we can order car rides from our phones, pay for our groceries, watch movies or do just about anything from a smartphone or network-connected device from anywhere across the globe. Yet for many of us, we go through a time warp when we move from our personal lives to our work environments.

Magellan: a Digital Healthcare Company

At Magellan, we have an inspired leadership team that is building a workforce of the future. We recruit the best talent wherever we can find it across the globe and provide them with great work-life integration by providing flexible working arrangements. Over 40 percent of our workforce does not work in one of our offices, and many of our employees are mobile and on the road helping our member and providers. This kind of a workforce requires the collaboration platform of the future.

During the summer of 2016, we assembled and rolled out Magellan’s next generation collaboration platform. This platform was built with a mobile-first, cloud-first, always digital mindset designed to provide secure, seamless and context-aware experiences within the enterprise. This new platform is all about providing choices: it works across Macs and PCs, across browsers, across Apple and Android mobile devices and can work across a 4G connection and high-speed wifi alike.

The platform uses five technologies that we use in our personal lives on a daily basis:

  • Workplace and Workchat for desktop and mobile devices. These are the enterprise- grade versions of Facebook and Facebook Messenger, complete with networking, group collaboration and social sharing capabilities.
  • A cloud-based document and content management solution from Box.
  • Enterprise-quality HD video conferencing and desktop sharing through Zoom.
  • Productivity applications from Microsoft through Office 365.
  • An integrated access portal tied together by a robust security and identity management solution from Okta.

Okta acts as a gateway to every other application, website or solution provided by Magellan. It simplifies password management and provides secure multi-factor authentication – in short it makes our applications accessible to everyone, anywhere, at any time over any network or device. It allows an employee to take a video call from her home office and collaborate with her colleagues in a Workplace group and continue that conversation on a mobile device as she takes the train into see a customer for an afternoon meeting – secure, seamless and context-aware collaboration.

 Technology leading culture; culture leading technology

One of the interesting developments in our culture is the use of desktop and mobile video conferencing which allows us to personalize each call, read body language and emotions and share the true benefits of face-to-face communications, instead of being on nameless, faceless, monotonous conference calls.  This is changing the cultural fabric of Magellan by making the enterprise more personal and more social.  It is challenging our management orthodoxies and help reinvent management.

With this new platform, we are building communities that span geographies, business units, departments and even companies. In the past year, we have seen over 700 groups evolve organically on this platform.  Some of these groups focus on specific projects, initiatives or events, and others focus on communities of users and social groups. We even have a community of musicians at Magellan. In short, the platform helps people stay connected in a personal way without having to be located in the same spot.

Ultimately, our technology is a means by which we can help improve the experience – and quality of care – for our customers and members. Our objective for this new platform is to make the technology invisible to the user and allow them to seamlessly play their part to help individuals live healthy, vibrant lives.