We’ve all been impacted by the horrific flooding taking place in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, and witnessed the many instances of heroism and community support in response to this tragedy. In addition to the widespread damage occurring, we have a number of Magellan team members and their families who live in impacted areas and who are witnessing the devastation first-hand. Unfortunately, some are without power, and others have been displaced from their homes.

Leading humanity to healthy, vibrant lives is what we do on a daily basis on behalf of our members, so it’s no surprise that so many of us want to do something to help. I’m proud of what we as a company are doing to support our Texas-based customers, members and affected communities:

  • Supporting the Houston Community: The State of Texas, specifically the Houston area, will be living with catastrophic damage for some time and rebuilding from this damage for even longer. The Magellan Cares Foundation is supporting these clean-up efforts with a contribution of $25,000 to the Houston Relief Fund, which is the organization that has been established by the mayor. This contribution will help local efforts to assist those in need.
  • Utilizing Our Expertise: When we looked at the forecast for Hurricane Harvey, we opened our 24-hour crisis line early Friday morning for all Texans affected by the storm, whether they are our members or not. Free, confidential counseling services and other resources, such as referrals to local non-profit organizations, shelters and additional community-based support are available to assist Texans as they work to cope with this natural disaster. This line will remain open in the coming weeks and months as the community begins to assess damages and the full impact of the storm.
  • Customer/Member Impact: We continue to serve our Texas-based customers, members and others who have been impacted by the storm. Some have likely spent time in shelters, others have lost power, and still others are facing challenges of which we are probably not aware. I’ve asked all of our associates to think about their situation and consider additional ways in which we can best serve them.

No one ever expects to be challenged with a catastrophic event, but I’ve been so proud of the way in which our team has sprung to action to help those in need in Houston.