It’s AIDS Awareness Month, and we want to recognize and remember those lost to AIDS, support those living with HIV, help to spread awareness about prevention and treatment, and provide information around our patient-centric AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) services that have helped so many patients.

By the numbers

Did you know that more than 1.1 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV today, and one in seven don’t even know they’re infected?1 Thanks to significant improvements in treatment over the last few decades, HIV/AIDS patients are living longer, more prosperous lives than ever before. In 1996, the total life expectancy for a 20-year-old person with HIV was 39 years. In 2011, the total life expectancy increased to about 70 years.2

Even though many advancements have been made in treatment, the fight’s not over yet. You may have noticed that HIV/AIDS is no longer getting the attention that it used to, but these patients are still very much in need of quality care and treatment.

Our ADAP services: It’s all about the patient

At Magellan Rx Management, we offer differentiated programs for our HIV/AIDS patients. We’re not just another PBM, enrolling members and processing claims. To us, the most important thing is that these patients receive the care they need to thrive and manage their condition.

Our approach puts the patient at the center; they are the sole focus. While our comprehensive AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) solution offers claims processing, prior authorization, coordination of benefits, and many more core functions, we don’t just stop there.

Our #1 goal is to make sure that every patient who qualifies for treatment, gets treatment.

Going the extra mile

When we say we strive to get these patients the care they need, we mean it. One of our patient’s insurance had lapsed right before becoming a Magellan member, and as a result, was refused costly treatment in the hospital.  Our team truly went the extra mile – calls were made to both the insurance company and the hospital to make sure the patient received the necessary treatment.

We also go the extra mile at the client level.  Recently, we implemented our ADAP program and here is what the client had to say:

“Again the Magellan team is exceeding our expectations!  You guys continue to be a joy to work with!”

We wholeheartedly believe in leading humanity to healthy, vibrant lives and that means doing everything it takes to make sure our HIV/AIDS patients are getting the care they need.

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