While our everyday lives are becoming faster and more digital is your medical life doing the same? Do you miss filling your prescription because you forgot to call it in? Do you receive texts from pharmacists checking in on your current health conditions? Do you have a health coach a text away to help with your health goals?

Did you know that the average opt-in rate for receiving text messages is less than 2%? With MRx Connect we have seen more than 33% opt in. In addition, 98% of those who have opted in read the text message.

MRx Connect is an engaging digital communication service that helps prevent gaps in care and enhance awareness by sending proactive texts, emails, and chats. By receiving real-time information, people can make better healthcare decisions. MRx Connect messaging can be done in many ways and has shown many great results:

  1. Refill Reminders: Receive a text when your prescription is getting low so that you know when to call in a new fill.
  2. Flu Shot Reminder: Know when the best time is to receive your flu shot before it is too late in the season.
  3. Re-enrollment Reminders: Be aware of when your enrollment is coming up, so you don’t have any gaps in care.
  4. Health Coaching: Communicate with a professional health coach, pharmacist, or tech on your current health in real-time and on your own time.


  • 35% engagement rate and improved refill rates for refill reminder for chronic conditions
  • 23% of members received flu shots after receiving text message

Digital communication in healthcare allows you to be more aware and adherent to your care. You are never alone in your health journey and by being a click away from receiving answers or direction you are leading an even healthier, more vibrant life.