1 in 68*. It’s not the number – it’s the impact.

Increasing prevalence and high treatment costs make providing quality care and supportive services for children with autism and their families more important than ever.  Many families struggle to obtain access to appropriate autism services.  Providing care for a child with autism can be challenging and can create significant stress impacting a caregiver’s health and even their productivity at work.

Autism Connections from Magellan Health on Vimeo.

Employers are feeling the impact. 

Balancing life’s demands is hard enough, but for parents of children living with autism, it can impact their productivity and lead to lost time at work.

To retain these valuable employees, increase productivity and decrease benefit costs for issues such as stress, depression and even physical health challenges, it’s critical that employers and health plans develop solutions to help address their needs.

Autism Connections

Our industry-leading Autism Connections program provides children and their families with the support they need to navigate the complex healthcare system, enhanced care coordination, access quality providers and receive support both for themselves and their children.

Please view the video above to learn more about this program and our specially trained, caring and supportive clinical specialists in our Autism Center of Excellence.

*The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1 in 68 children in the United States has been identifi ed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). March, 2014.

Sources: CDC Data and Statistics on Autism, 2014; Autism Fact Sheet, National Autism Association, 2013; The Autism Society, 2013; Autism Speaks, 2013; National Business Group on Health: Therapies for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, May 2012, p.1.