Having type 2 diabetes can be overwhelming. The good news? While everyone’s treatment plan will be different, there’s a good chance you can manage your type 2 diabetes by making healthy choices. Convinced, but still struggling to work good choices into your real life? Start here for tips on treating type 2 diabetes.

The key to treating type 2 diabetes is to keep blood sugar levels controlled and in your target range.

All of the following help to lower blood sugar:

  • Making healthy food choices. Try to manage the amount of carbohydrates you eat by spreading them out over the day.
  • Losing weight, if you are overweight
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Taking medicines, if you need them

It’s also important to:

  • See your doctor. Regular checkups are important to monitor your health.
  • Test your blood sugar levels. You have a better chance of keeping your blood sugar in your target range if you know what your levels are from day to day.
  • Keep high blood pressure and high cholesterol under control. This can help you lower your risk of heart and large blood vessel disease.
  • Quit smoking. This can help you reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

It seems like a lot to do—especially at first. You might start with one or two changes. Focus on checking your blood sugar regularly and being active more often. Work on other tasks as you can.

It can be hard to accept that you have diabetes. It’s normal to feel sad or angry. You may even feel grief. Talking about your feelings can help. Your doctor or other health professionals can help you cope.


With a little support and guidance, patients with diabetes can live healthy, vibrant lives. Our Live Vibrantly: Diabetes care program helps manage all aspects of diabetes from improving wellness, diet, and exercise to optimizing medication use. To learn more about Live Vibrantly: Diabetes, click here.


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