Telehealth services have been available for years to help remove geographical and other boundaries for people in rural and medically under-served areas; however, use has been limited. Driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, including shelter-in-place orders, social distancing, and federal agencies mandating use for certain programs, telehealth has grown exponentially since March.

While companies like Teladoc and MD Live have been operating telehealth platforms for nearly two decades, many platforms are dedicated only to physical health. Magellan Healthcare has maintained a telehealth network for behavioral health since 2014 and helps:

  • Health plans offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional doctor visits, urgent care and the emergency room; provide access to valuable care that is convenient and available anytime and anywhere; expand existing programs and services focused on health and wellness; and attract new members by offering the modern convenience of an on-demand service.
  • Employers improve employee access to healthcare; reduce tardiness and absenteeism; increase employee productivity; offer a competitive benefits package; improve employee satisfaction; and retain and attract the best employees.
  • Members have more privacy; access a deep and specialized network; receive treatment before work, after work or on weekends; have more frequent touch points to improve compliance with treatment and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations; and avoid travel, lost time from work and weeks of waiting for an appointment.
  • Providers reach out to members in remote areas or where specialties are needed; provide care to homebound members; provide behavioral health services from home, office or while traveling; reduce no-shows and cancellations; offer additional and/or non-standard appointment times; and expand the patient base and improve relationships with existing patients.

Although the benefits of telehealth are many, people may feel uncomfortable using services. That’s why Magellan Healthcare created a video called Telehealth: Get Care and Treatment Wherever You Are. This video can help people understand:

  • How to schedule a telehealth visit
  • What to do once a telehealth visit is scheduled
  • How to get the most from telehealth

The more comfortable people are using telehealth for their behavioral healthcare, the more options they have available to them. This can lead to improved compliance and better health outcomes.

Watch the video here.