Swarna Ramachandran is bringing a new digital experience to the world of behavioral health. As vice president of digital and contact center solutions for Magellan Healthcare, Ramachandran is leading a team that is redesigning the online digital experience for members, making it more intuitive when finding the necessary resources. Digital transformation, including technology, experience and Contact Center modernization, has been core to where she is today, and navigating the whole realm delivery & PMO come natural to her, says Ramachandran. Keep reading to learn how Ramachandran and her team are creating a new digital experience for Magellan Health members.

Headshot of Magellan Health's Swarna Ramachandran who is the focus of this article

Q: What kind of projects are you working on right now?

A: Digital transformation is a key area of focus for Magellan Health. Engaging and enabling members digitally for care and self-service, helping reduce the stigma around mental health, and enabling self-service for providers and clients digitally are some of our key transformation goals.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has increased awareness and need for mental and behavioral health care for all of us. Several products have been released in the market that are either point solutions or solves for a couple areas of mental health, leaving the member with a myriad of apps and tools, leading to a dissatisfied member. One of Magellan Health’s core strengths is mental and behavioral health and with our diverse population of members across our products, we are in a unique position to provide our members with a guided approach to accessing care and address issues at their root by understanding the stressors, specific resources and community support.

Our vision is a holistic approach to member wellbeing and care. Our approach starts with member engagement and navigation to help remove the stigma towards mental health by helping the member to approach mental health and wellbeing as part of their whole health. We do this by promoting annual digital wellbeing checks in a self-service mode.

Q: How did you and your team come up with this idea? Why is Magellan Health the best place to work on this project?

A: Digital is everywhere and in everyone’s hand today in the form of mobile apps, websites and internet.  Ideas are plenty but solving for the real need is key. We conducted various design thinking sessions with members and studied the need thoroughly from the member perspective.

Magellan Health’s core strength is mental and behavioral healthcare, and we have a significant population of behavioral health members. We have members from our other products like Employer solutions, State and Federal, which puts us in a unique position to capitalize on our strengths and serve this large group of members at their doorstep and to get them healthy mentally and physically.

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