We live in a fast paced, on-demand world, one in which information is available to patients through multiple channels on any medical topic. So, how do you help your patients navigate all the information and working with them, determine what is right for them and their loved ones? How do you help patients understand a diagnosis or a medical condition that needs to be effectively managed?

Care management is a solution that is intended to improve patient care and reduce the need for medical services by helping patients effectively navigate their own health condition. These programs have become a vital tool for organizations in order to meet the needs of their patients while also effectively improving quality and reducing the cost of care. Care Management can be provided by various types of clinical professionals, such as nurses, social workers, and pharmacists.

A successful care management program should include an integrated suite of services such as:

  1. Care Coordination: Coordinating with the patient’s physician on assessments, care planning, and interventions.
  2. Patient Engagement: Identifying opportunities for patients and developing a care plan that is supported through educational tools and resources to help them achieve their healthcare goals.
  3. Health and Wellness: Helping patients make positive and lasting changes to their health through establishing healthy habits and setting achievable goals.
  4. Advanced Digital Tools: Providing patients with the convenience and ease of managing their health through digital applications.
  5. Data Analytics: Identifying members at risk for non-adherence or in need of care management through data-led and evidence-based algorithms.

A care management solution should be a comprehensive system that offers a suite of products to help patients navigate their health journey. Our MRx Navigate program is one such program that offers a medical management solution for customers and patients. MRx Navigate integrates data-driven, population health, and personalized intervention that leads patients to healthy, more vibrant lives. To learn more about MRx Navigate, click here.