Behavioral Healthcare

There are times when the need for radical change grows strong; when things must shift from one point of view to another; from one generation to the next. At Magellan Healthcare, we have spent almost 50 years leading that wave of change. We take ideas to their maximum potential while exploring new thinking and new technology that allows us to build the next generation of care.

Magellan’s Behavioral Healthcare Management Solution

We are proud to announce that the next generation of behavioral healthcare is here.

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Behavioral Health Is At The Core Of Healthy Vibrant Lives

Magellan’s core mission is to help individuals make smart decisions about their health needs and live healthier more vibrant lives. Our Next Generation Healthcare System allows us to do precisely that, while providing significant cost savings to health plans.

This pioneering solution:

  • Addresses all aspects of care along an individual’s care journey
  • Emphasizes prevention and early identification for at-risk populations
  • Provides proactive early interventions to reduce the need for higher levels of care
  • Combines behavioral health clinical expertise with advanced data analytics and technologies
  • Offers a network with over 118,000 credentialed providers and health professionals
  • Delivers results that positively impact care, outcomes and cost

Magellan is deploying an integrated approach to identifying at-risk individuals early and proactively, offering advanced clinical solutions for complex populations, providing a high-performing network with access and availability, and innovating through self-service tools and resources.

Through enhanced coordination of care, integrated technology and advanced clinical expertise, Magellan helps individuals lead healthier lives and provides ongoing value for health plans.

A New Paradigm For Behavioral Health

Building on our legacy of innovation, cost-saving and clinical excellence, Magellan has built an entirely new system through which we can impact the lives of individuals. Leveraging unmatched expertise and proprietary technology, we build bespoke behavioral health solutions for health plans that include:

  • Predictive modeling and multi-model stratification identifying undertreated individuals who are more likely to admit and intervene early to change the trajectory of the disease course and reducing the disease burden
  • Multi-dimensional engagement and interactions through digital tools that are personalized and tailored to the individual needs of each patient
  • Organized behavioral health delivery system for enhanced access that simplifies the member and provider experience and demonstrates improved quality and cost outcomes
  • Integrated medical and behavioral care rounds, medical and behavioral care gap closures, and co-located case management
  • Guided identification and treatment within the medical delivery system by finding patients while they are in the primary care environment and referring individuals to evidence-based behavioral health resources

Results: Behavioral Health Improvement

Our proactive, care-focused solutions have been shown to reduce costs significantly. Over a 4 year period, Magellan saved a 1.4 million life commercial health plan a total of $41 million, 12% of their behavioral health costs.

A Legacy Of Value And Solutions For Complex Models Of Care

Serious Mental Illness (SMI)

Data shows that 5% of the highest acuity members can account for 54% of healthcare expenditures. Our model of care is the first SMI plan in the country that targets the complex barriers to care for SMI populations.


Legislative mandates and an increase in prevalence accounts for an estimated $40-60K in annual health plan costs. Our model of care combines clinical expertise with comprehensive benefit management, specialized provider network, and enhanced care coordination.

Opioid and Substance Use

Our model of care targets early intervention and education to improve population health increased primary and secondary prevention activities to divert individuals from the addiction path. With our expertise in addiction (BH), prescription drugs (Rx), and pain management (MSK) we have brought together a multi-disciplinary clinical team to address this growing public health crisis.


Our model of care is customized to target inappropriate utilization and reduces pmpm trends of top utilizers within the exchange population.

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