Gene Therapy for Hemophilia from Magellan Health

Groundbreaking Gene Therapy for Hemophilia — Magellan in the News

Magellan’s Haita Makanji, vice president, clinical specialty solutions, was featured in Managed Healthcare Executive this week, discussing some ground breaking new gene therapies that are available for hemophilia sufferers. These therapies…

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From Volume to Value – Why Provider-Led Organizations are on the Rise

As healthcare evolves, reimbursement models continue to shift from volume to value. That means more providers are taking risk and moving into value-based reimbursement models. One such model is the…

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Value-based reimbursements and the future of healthcare: A Q&A with Magellan’s Gina Vehige

Magellan Health Insights: Hi Gina, thank you for sitting down with us. What can you tell us about the ACCOM Pilot project? Gina Vehige: ACCOM—Accountable Cardiac Care of Mississippi—is the…

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10 ways to become more resilient

How good are you at coping with adversity? Somehow, life always finds a way to present you with challenges that you didn’t see coming. Fortunately, you can improve your resilience…

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Magellan in the News

Magellan in the News: Barry Smith Featured in Behavioral Healthcare Executive

Magellan’s own Chairman and CEO, Barry M. Smith, was recently featured in Behavioral Healthcare Executive, talking about the importance of prioritizing behavioral health as a part of disaster recovery. In the…

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