Magellan Healthcare | Father and son with down syndrome sit at table playing

Supporting Neurodiverse Individuals: Four Actionable Strategies

Fostering inclusivity helps people to thrive in a diverse world. One vital aspect of inclusivity that often goes unnoticed is neurodiversity—the recognition and acceptance of neurological differences. By embracing neurodiversity,…

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Spotlight Magellan Health: National Doctor’s Day is March 30!

In celebration of National Doctors Day, we honor the unwavering commitment and exceptional dedication of our Magellan Health physicians. This annual observance on March 30, serves as a meaningful reminder…

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Group of people with differing personalities

Embracing Neurodiversity: Dispelling myths and fostering inclusive, thriving environments

What is neurodiversity?  Everyone’s brain is different and develops in its own way. Neurodiversity refers to diversity in the ways in which people experience the world, be it at school,…

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